12 au 21 novembre, Bruxelles


Screening of Je ne suis pas féministe, mais… at the 14the edition of Brussels Pink Screens Film Festival, at Cinema Nova, Belgium.

One screening per month is good, 10 days of screenings is even better! That is why Pink Screens – the Queer Film Festival of Brussels – came into being! This year, the 14th edition of the festival will take place from 12 to 21 November 2015. Like the monthly screenings, Pink Screens celebrates genders and sexualities with over 80 films: short and feature films, fiction, documentaries and experimental, disconcerting and impertinent, from Belgium and from beyond… with one common goal – to challenge standard representations and stereotypical cases.

The epicentre of Pink Screens is Cinema Nova, a privileged platform for the alternative scene in Brussels, which wears the colors of the festival for the occasion. Its flexibility with respect to the different formats that can be screened is a perfect fit for the critical spirit typical of the festival.

But Pink Screens is also 10 days of exhibitions, rants, performances and meetings to take by storm and deconstruct existing binaries: woman/man, masculine/feminine, gay/hetero, dyke/fag, trans/organic.

And finally, if only to have a drink before or after a screening or to party into the wee hours of Thursday evening to the sound of the new queer nightlife scene, Pink Screens is 10 days of festivities leading inevitably to the infamous Pink Night.

Welcome to the brave and daring! Welcome Pinkscreeners!

Discover our 4 focus : Greek, Boundaries, Double identity and Fragil.